Are you stuck while reading a tutorial and would like to have someone you can call up on Skype who can answer your questions or show you why something may not be working? Or would you prefer a full

Things I can help with include:

  • General programming – from learning what a variable is to advanced algorithms, not necessarily related to gaming.
  • Unity – help with existing tutorials or get a lesson plan from me.

Services I can offer in this area:

  • answering questions, through Skype/email/any messaging client. I can also use screen sharing to fix something on your computer or show you something on mine!
  • structured lessons – I will prepare detaield tutorials and exercises for you, and we can go through them together during a structured lesson, or I can send them to you and check your work/answer questions.

Why I would be good for the job:

  • I ended up leading┬ámost group projects during my education, since I usually had the most experience.
  • I worked as Lead Developer for Lucus while developing Muld.
  • I enjoy getting to know people, finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are, giving them the tasks that they would be best at and, if possible, enjoy the most, as well as recommending tutorials to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Price: 50$/350DKK per hour