Got a bug you just can’t figure out? Is an old project no longer working and you need someone to quickly update it and fix any issues? You’re in the right place!

One more detail: if I can’t fix the bug, you don’t pay a thing!

Things I can help with include:

  • Unity – everything from mobile plugins to WebGL issues
  • HTML5/Javascript – need it to work on an older browser? Need it optimized? Is something not working as expected?

Why I would be good for the job:

  • During my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and my Master’s in Game Technology, I have often had the opportunity to help my classmates fix bugs in their code, so I am very familiar with common beginner mistakes.
  • Working as Lead Developer and training interns, I have had the opportunity to fix countless advanced mistakes that puzzled other programmers.
  • While freelancing, I often had to take over in-development projects that had bugs that the original developer couldn’t fix. This gave me plenty of opportunities to dig in to other projects, quickly familiarize myself with the codebase and fix issues.

Price: 100$/700DKK per hour