Answer a few quick questions to get a rough estimate. Note that it is impossible to determine a price without talking specifics, and sometimes I can use plugins to cut the cost of development, so don’t hesitate to contact me to get a more accurate number.
How much would your game cost?
Web for PC/Mac/Chromebook Web for Mobile (2D only) Windows/MacOS/Linux Android/iOS
Which platforms do you want your game to run on?
Cost : 0$/0DKK
Duration: 0 hours
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Just a single, simple mechanic (e.g. Pong, 2048, basic infinite runner, etc.) Several simple mechanics or a more complex mechanic (e.g. Solitaire, Match 3) A complex system of simple mechanics or a more complicated game, perhaps with AI (Poker, Chess) An interactive application rather than a game (interactive presentation, hidden objects game, etc.)
How complex is the game?
Does it have a multiplayer component?
Single player only Turn-based or simple multiplayer, with very few interactions (e.g. card game) Real-time multiplayer (e.g. shooter)
How will you monetize this game?
It will be free I will sell it for a flat fee In-app purchases One ad provider Several ad providers
What other features would you like in your game?
Leaderboards Achievements Analytics Facebook login Persistent data (logging in from a different device allows you to continue your game)
Will you require assistance with releasing the game?
No, just send the source code Yes, set things up on the store Yes, make screenshots and similar requirements for submission
Final price: 500$/2000DKK
The price may be lower or higher based on the specifics of your project. Please get in touch to get a more accurate estimation.
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